Baby's World


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Branding, UI/UX, Mobile


Swift 2.2, Cocoa Touch, XCode, XTest


As with every project, we carve a piece of our heart in our work and Baby’s World is a no different case. Baby’s World is a well-designed and developed application to help new parents manage information about their children from the moment they are born. It provides a platform convenient to store baby’s data such as head circumference, sleep patterns, cry patterns, fever, vaccines and is able to present every piece of information in nicely designed charts. The app is crafted carefully and specifically about parenting needs. It is a kind of an intimate platform of the family and for the family, giving access to both parents to log into the account and enter their newborns’ information on separate profiles. Another great feature of the app is moments, where you can save the best moments of your little ones growing up and then greet the fondest memories again while reminiscing over them. Baby’s World is a great app for parents to enjoy the nice ambience of every child’s profile while swiping through their pictures, giving them a very calm and joyous user experience.


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A picture is worth a thousand words and so is the case with soon-to-be moms - they create perfect pictures of their future motherhood experience from the early time of their pregnancy, with every detail considered with great care and responsibility.

The same goes for our approach to designing and developing Baby’s World app. Behind every created element, there’s a question followed by a lot of research and focus on how to provide professional solutions, that will flow naturally with new parents’ needs and instincts.

















Baby's World allows you to keep track of almost every detail for your newborn. Considering the challenges in every step upon creating the app, we took the time to have our questions answered by young parents in most of the features offered in the app. We designed our icons to resonate the surroundings of homes that are expecting a baby, so it matches the welcoming environment parents have prepared for them - full of toys and vivid colors. With the main goal to create a beautiful iconography that feels familiar to parents, we managed to design icons with a lot of character diffused in minimal style, with a clutter-free clean look. We are glad to have come to a final product which is complete in every aspect, not just a great interface, but with perfect functionality as well.














While the functionality of the application is quite complex, its user design is sensibly sleek.
The aim was to provide a familiar UX for every iOS user, who are familiar with iOS Settings, hence the choice of a gesture-based UX approach, to have a one-click easy access to everything. We designed an easy-switch on top of the display, where you can drag your finger in order to access children’s different spaces, which can be changed easily by swiping left and right. The same philosophy was applied in the charts section - you can switch charts and take a look of weekly sleep patterns or head circumference.

Keeping the simplicity and familiarity closer to the user, we designed our own data-entry screens to resemble iOS and built custom components around native iOS UI; this way users would be able to start using it easily in no time.




The entire application is built using Swift 2.2 and newest Cocoa Touch APIs with adaptive layout system. We've used our top-notch networking patterns to make it fast and reliable. And lastly, we designed every component from the ground up - including gesture-based user interaction functionality, we took what Cocoa Touch API offered and built our own custom elements on top of it. 

The entire application is custom-built for the future iOS versions, with additional features to come in the upcoming versions, with more devices and functionalities.